5 Delicious Coffee Alternatives: Why You Should Try Them

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5 Delicious Coffee Alternatives: Why You Should Try Them


Are you trying to lower your coffee intake but also need a tasty go-to morning beverage to refresh you? As per research, the high amount of caffeine may cause nervousness, headaches, digestive distress, and several other health issues. If you are worried about your daily coffee intake, there are some delicious replacement beverages that may help you without sacrificing the energy boost. 


Worldwide, we consume at least 10 million tons of coffee each year. When hardcore coffee drinkers are gearing up for International Coffee Day, which is celebrated on 1 October each year, some are worried about their increased consumption of the beverage. 


Although coffee is a healthy beverage that boosts your mood, high doses of caffeine can have dangerous side effects. Some of them include anxiety, insomnia, muscle breakdown, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc. 


If you want to lower your caffeine intake to promote health or wish to ditch the habit for some other reason, you may require some healthy coffee alternatives to stay on the right track. 


Here are some science-backed alternatives to coffee that you may love to try:


  • Kombucha


It is a kind of tea prepared by fermenting black tea using bacteria, sugar, and yeast. The fermented tea is a rich source of beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. It kills bacteria and reduces the risks of heart disease. As per research, kombucha helps improve cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. 


You can replace coffee in your diet with kombucha tea for its great range of health benefits. Also, it is a delicious beverage that makes you feel good and improves your mood.


  • Chicory Coffee


The delicious hot beverage has been around us for centuries, but it gained popularity lately as a replacement for traditional coffee. Chicory coffee is prepared by roasting the chicory plant’s roots.  


Chicory coffee is rich in inulin, which is known for promoting gut health. Also, it helps gallbladder in producing more bile for fat digestion. 


The reason why you should definitely try chicory is that it tastes very similar to coffee but doesn’t hurt your health. 


  • Matcha Tea


If you want something more powerful and tastier than green tea, then matcha tea can be an ideal option. Although the beverage is a variety of green tea, it is healthier than others. Packed with antioxidants like catechins, matcha tea helps fight inflammation and maintain healthy arteries. 


Matcha tea may aid your weight loss goals while boosting alertness. 


  • Smoothies


A smoothie is a great way to add lots of healthy fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. A delicious smoothie can help you start your day with lots of nutrients like fiber, protein, carbs, and antioxidants. 


One of the most amazing things about replacing your coffee with smoothies is that there are countless easy recipes to make smoothies at home. It means you will never get bored with smoothies.


  • Golden Milk


If you want a caffeine-free substitute, then consider adding golden milk to your daily diet. The warm beverage allows you to consume spices like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and others. Apart from making your beverage look golden, these spices promote overall health and protect you against various kinds of ailments. 




Remember, coffee isn’t everything! It is healthy only when you consume it in a controlled amount. If you are taking high amounts of caffeine, replace your beverage with these healthier options. Switch to wholesome beverages instead! 

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