Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

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First Time Skiing Checklist: Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

Are you ready for your first ski trip and want to know what is the best ski equipment for beginners ? Well we have you covered in this article. Keep in mind, there are some skiing essentials that you must want to have before venturing up the snowy mountains. The wrong type of ski gear can ruin your first-ever ski holiday. On the other side, getting the right equipment will only enhance your ski experience

So there you are, preparing for your first ski – and you are wondering,“what equipment should I add to my kit?” Skiing has a reputation for being an expensive recreational activity. From skis and boots to a ski jacket, there are several gear essentials that may make you think twice before going on a ski holiday. 

However, the good news is that you can have some of the essentials on rent. It means your ski holiday is not in danger. Now, you only need to have certain gear that you cannot rent – though you are advised to rent skis and poles. 

Here are the best ski equipment that all beginners must have in their skiing checklist.

  • Snow Helmet – Smith Maze MIPS 
Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

Snow Helment


If you are a beginner skier, you fall. A lot. Spending on a high-quality, properly fitted helmet can keep your head safe when you fall multiple times. Although there are many types of cheap snow helmets, make sure you get a lightweight and certified product, which is ideal for beginners. 

Smith Maze snow helmet with MIPS protection is a lightweight, safe, and highly-durable product for beginners.  


  • Anti-fog Goggles – Scott Faze II Goggles
Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

Ski Goggles

Skiing is better when you can see clearly. It is that simple. 

Sunglasses are not going to protect you against snow and chilly wind. Also, UV rays are more intense at high altitudes and can cause snow blindness. Goggles can protect your eyes by blocking out harmful UV rays. And, they do not fog up. 

Rounded lenses of Scott Faze II goggles increase visibility and clear your vision. The goggles feature double-layered foam for a comfortable fit. 


  • Ski Jacket – 3-in-1 Jacket by Patagonia
Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

Ski Jacket

Ordinary snow jackets are not effective during skiing. Additionally, they are fluffy and uncomfortable. You require a high-quality ski jacket, such as Snowshot 3-in-1 Jacket by Patagonia. It comes with an outer shell made from 70% recycled polyester. It feels comfortable on the skin and delivers a whole boatload of functionality.


  • Water-Resistant Ski Pants – Arctix Snow Pants
Best Ski Equipment for Beginners

Ski Pants

Similar to a ski jacket, you need special ski pants to effectively perform the activity, unless you want to ski wet. Arctix snow pants are extremely popular among men and women skiers.

These are top-quality pants that keep you dry and cozy even when the temperature drops down to extremely low. Also, they are cost-effective ski essentials to have in your checklist. 


  • Gloves – Gore Tex 

You require to wear gloves that keep your hands warm and allow you to operate your mobile while wearing them. North Face Gore-Tex gloves are suitable for men and women. Featuring removable fleece liners, these are comfortable and breathable pieces that let you take pictures using your phone without having to take your gloves off. 

Now that you have found the best ski equipment for beginners, get them all and embark on your first-ever ski holiday!

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