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Celiac Disease Symptoms After Eating Gluten

Celiac Disease Symptoms After Eating Gluten


Celiac Disease Symptoms After Eating Gluten

Celiac disease symptoms

Celiac disease is a common disease, it is a condition with potential to cause a lot of side effects with negative symptoms. Celiac’s is a medical condition that is caused by eating gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat and barley. The consumption of gluten can trigger a response from the immune system in the body. This can cause inflammation in the body and damage the small intestine as well.

There several symptoms associated with this disease. The most common symptoms are:


This is one of the most commonest symptoms of celiac disease. Diarrhea is also one of the first symptom a celiac patient will experience. Diarrhea is when a person stool becomes loose, and it is often watery. With that being said, everyone that suffers from diarrhea is not suffering from celiac’s. There are several other diseases that can cause diarrhea like food intolerance, infections and other intestinal problems.


Bloating is another common issue found in people with celiac disease. This is a result of inflammation in the digestive tract caused by this disease. Gluten can also cause bloating in individuals without the celiac disease. This is just one of many symptoms in individuals with celiac disease. Bloating can also be caused by digestive disorders, constipation, and bowel obstruction.

Excess gas

Excess Gas is a digestive problem common with people with untreated celiac disease. It might not be as common as diarrhea and bloating, but people with celiac disease can experience this problem. It can also be caused by indigestion, constipation, lactose and  intolerance. As an Individual with celiac disease I find that when drinking carbonated beverages such as soda can trigger excess gas.


Fatigue and low energy levels is another symptom of celiac disease. Celiac patients are known to experience sleeping disorder which can lead to fatigue. Celiac disease, when it is left untreated can also damage the small intestine. This may lead to deficiencies in minerals and vitamins which contribute to fatigue. Depression, thyroid problems, and other infections can cause fatigue. So make sure to consult a doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Celiac Disease Symptoms Weight Gain

Another signs of celiac disease is a drastic loss of weight, but it may not be present is some individuals with celiac disease. This problem is caused by the body’s inability to absorb more nutrients. As a result of this, malnutrition occurs and can cause drastic weight loss. After diarrhea and fatigue, weight loss is the most common symptom of celiac disease. Weight loss can also be attributed to conditions like cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems and depression. There are many other common symptoms associated with celiac disease like iron deficiency, anemia, constipation, depression, and even rashes.

Managing Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a non curable disease. It is something that the patient has to live with forever. However, this disease can be managed with discipline. The best way to manage celiac disease is by removing gluten from your diet. Foods like pasta, beer, wheat, cakes, barley, cookies, pies, and sauces are not gluten-free. Therefore, it is more advisable to avoid them unless it is labeled gluten-free. Make sure to seek medical help if you have these symptoms.

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