How to Bake a Chocolate Cake With Strawberry Topping

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How to Bake A Chocolate Cake

So you want to learn How to bake a chocolate cake. Well If you are like me then having a chocolate cake on your table is no ordinary thing. Especially during covid-19 quarantine having something that brings you back to childhood or a calmer time in life is so refreshing. There is something special about chocolate cake, especially when its super moist and paired with vanilla ice cream. Alright, I will give you a pass if you love chocolate ice-cream with your chocolate cake. As a coach and athlete, I am all about eating healthy, but even the top athletes deserve a break, right? Well I guess I will answer the question yes, they do, and so do you.

I guess its no wonder that chocolate cake is an all-time American favorite. I can recall as a kid requesting my sister to bake a chocolate cake for dessert in her easy bake oven. If an easy bake oven can turn out a somewhat tasty chocolate cake, then it must be heaven sent right?  If you are looking to take up a new hobby in baking, or just looking to keep yourself busy I highly recommend baking this chocolate cake from Tasty. Let me know what you think about this recipe. Also leave a comment on what is your favorite dessert. Enjoy Life, Live life to the fullest, and most of all stay safe! If you would like to learn more about pastry cooking try Masterclass. They have made cooking easy. Just Click Here 



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