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Why is Cooling Down After Exercise Important?

Cooling Down After Exercise


Why is Cooling Down After Exercise Important?

Don’t Skip! Why It is Important to Cool Down After Exercise

Have  you ever wondered why is cooling down after exercise important ? Cooling down is an integral part of a great workout session. Performing it for 3-10 minutes can help promote relaxation and get breathing back to normal.

Shaving off a post-workout cool-down can affect your exercise and limit its results. Even though the exercise is over, it is essential to set aside a few minutes to stretch out your muscles.  

I’ll stretch later, or I am too busy for cool-down are some common phrases fitness instructors hear almost every day. Lots of people have a hunch that pushing a little further is the only part of a great workout session. Although you deserve a shower after exercise, it is also necessary to take some time to cool-down. 

According to personal trainers and fitness experts, setting aside a few minutes post workout to stretch out muscles is a healthy habit. 


Here are a few reasons you should cool down after exercising:

  • It Helps Normalize Your Heart Rate

Whether it is a routine workout or a session where you test your limits, it causes your heart rate to increase. Aerobic exercise, also known as cardiovascular exercise, leads to a substantial increase in the heart rate. 

At the end of a workout session, you should slowly let your heart rate return to normal. A few minutes to cool down can help you in the process. 

On the other hand, getting back to your routine immediately after exercise can cause faintness or lightheadedness.

  • It Improves Relaxation 

Exercise promotes health. It should not be taken as a task that you need to perform every day. A great workout session that you complete wholeheartedly improves your well-being and increases your confidence. Cool down is an opportunity to take a break and acknowledge your accomplishments and give yourself the credit for a great session.

Spending a few minutes cooling down gives you time to experience a sense of relaxation. 

  • It Eliminates the Risks of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

As the name suggests, DMOS is a type of muscle soreness that you may experience between 24 and 48 hours after exercise. It occurs because of microtears in the muscle fibers. A considerable amount of DMOS  can make it difficult to follow an exercise routine. 

Cooling down can help minimize the effects of DOMS. A study by researchers at California State University found that moderate-intensity cycling could lead to a significant decrease in DOMS.

How to Perform a ‘Cool Down’

The right way to cool down is to take part in gentle movements or stretching exercises. For example, a brisk walk for a few minutes, followed by stretching, can make you feel relaxed while improving flexibility. 

According to health experts, 3-10 minutes of cool down is an effective routine to reap the benefits of a workout session and avoid DOMS. 


In the End : Why is Cooling Down After Exercise Important?

A few minutes of cool down after exercising improves well-being and keeps your body ready for the next routine. While it might be tempting to skip a cool-down session, performing it can help achieve your fitness goals faster.  

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