Dark Circles Under Eyes! Here’s How to Remove Them

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Dark Circles Under Eyes! Here’s How to Remove Them


Are you wondering how to remove dark eye circles ?  Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common. People think tiredness and insufficient sleep are the only reasons behind dark circles. Although these can also be the causes, aging and allergies are some other factors responsible for dark eye circles. Rather than hiding them, treat them. 


To be honest, even if you take excellent care of your skin, you notice signs of aging sooner or later – and dark eye circles are among them. Apart from that, factors like fatigue, dehydration, genetics, overexposure to the sun, and eye strain can result in dark circles under the eyes. 


Although dark eye circles aren’t dangerous, they may ruin your appearance and make you look older than you are. There are multiple ways to get rid of them, and below are they:

  • Tea Bags


Loaded with plenty of antioxidants, tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world. It improves brain functions and protects against several ailments. Do you know drinking tea isn’t the only way to reap its benefits? You can place cold tea bags on your eyes to treat dark circles. Antioxidants and caffeine in tea help reduce fluid retention under the skin.


Take two tea bags, and soak them in hot water for five minutes. After that, keep them in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. When they are cold, place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. Now, remove the tea bags and rinse your eyes.  

Tea Bags

  • Cold Compress


Ice is an essential part of a first-aid kit. It helps stop bleeding and swelling. You can also use it to make cold compresses at home to treat your dark circles. Take a few ice cubes and wrap them in a clean washcloth. If you do not have ice cubes, soak the washcloth in cold water.


Now, keep the cold compress over the skin under your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the process a few times.

  • Extra Sleep


Sleeplessness is one of the known causes of pale skin and dark circles under the eyes. If you are not sleeping for at least seven hours at night, your risks of getting dark circles may increase. The easiest way to prevent dark circles is to get a good night’s sleep. Allow yourself to have an interrupted sleep of seven to nine hours. 

extra sleep

  • Medical Treatment


In addition to home remedies, there are medical treatments for instant and long-term results. They help reduce dark circles and prevent them from appearing. Some of the known treatments that work best include laser surgery, medical tattoos, surgical implants, etc.


Also, chemical peels can help reduce pigmentation. Before choosing any of these options, talk to your physician, and figure out which is a safe medical treatment for your dark eye circles. 

medical treatment



Sometimes, dark circles are temporary and can be treated through home remedies. If you are unable to find the cause, talk to a dermatologist to know the best available treatment for your dark circles. Remember, dark eye circles aren’t harmful, but they can reflect your unstable health and affect your appearance drastically. 

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