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5 Amazing Snacks and Drinks to Boost Your Heart Health

Snacks and Drinks to Boost Your Heart Health


5 Amazing Snacks and Drinks to Boost Your Heart Health

Snacks and drinks to boost your heart health ! Research states that heart disease accounts for at least 30% of all deaths worldwide. Your lifestyle and food choices can impact your risks of heart health. A diet containing foods with heart-healthy nutrients can significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease and boost cardiovascular functioning.   

Snacks and Drinks to Boost Your Heart Health


Keeping your heart healthy is something you should work on daily. Movement, diet, and cholesterol levels decide whether you are vulnerable to heart disease. Regular physical activities and controlled cholesterol is key to heart health. Apart from that, consuming a healthy diet can decrease your risk of heart disease right away.        


A heart-healthy diet is a pattern of food you eat each day. Heart-healthy foods influence risk factors like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and inflammation.


However, eating healthy does not mean boring. Below are some amazing snacks and drinks that you can include in your daily diet:



  • Coffee Smoothie



Giving morning pick-me-up is a commonly known trait of coffee. Do you know the beverage also holds power to boost heart health? Numerous studies in the recent past have linked coffee intake to the decreased possibilities of heart disease. 


An umbrella review of over 200 studies discovered that participants who had three cups of coffee daily were with 19% decreased risk of heart disease-related death than the non-drinkers.  


Instead of a cup of coffee loaded with sugar, make a smoothie that includes other heart-healthy foods like banana and cacao powder.



  • Papaya Boats



Papaya comes with carotenoid plant pigment called lycopene, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The compound improves blood flow in the body and helps prevent atherosclerosis.


As per studies, a diet rich in lycopene may protect against death related to heart disease.


Scoop out the seeds and add cherries, blueberries, kiwi, chia seeds, and slivered almonds to your papaya. 



  • Avocado Salad



Although avocado alone has several health benefits, combining it with chickpeas and beets can also gratify your hunger while improving your heart health. These three foods are rich sources of fiber. As per studies, consuming high amounts of fiber can cut the risks of heart disease and stroke. 


For a fiber-rich diet, prepare a salad of avocado, beets, chickpeas, lemon, olive oil, pepper, sea salt, and minced garlic clove.



  • Walnut and Tart Cherry



Usually, walnuts are associated with mental health. Researchers have found that walnuts can also protect the body against inflammation and help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.   


On the other hand, tart cherries are loaded with polyphenol antioxidants that reduce the chances of cellular damage. 


A combination of walnuts and tart cherries offers you a nutritious snack that satisfies your cravings to eat something delicious while improving your heart health. 



  • Cacao Hot Chocolate



Cacao contains more nutrients than other cocoa products. In its pure form, cacao has minerals and antioxidants that can boost heart health. According to a study, consuming cacao may improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. Also, it cuts the risks of heart disease.  


 To enjoy a tasty hot chocolate without elevating your sugar levels, replace sugar with cacao powder in your mug of milk. 


The Bottom Line


The risks of heart disease largely depend on your food choices.  A nutrient-dense diet benefits the cardiovascular system and cares for your overall health. Try adding the snacks and beverages mentioned above and take care of your heart! 

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