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How To Make Asian Style Noodles

How To Make Asian Style Noodles

Recipe Inspiration

How To Make Asian Style Noodles

Easy Asian Style Noodles

I can remember the college days when me and my roommates would come back to our dorm rooms from a late night out, just to open a package of Ramen Noodles, and talk about the great times we just had. Creamy chicken was my preferred choice. How can something so simple taste so good? Reflecting on the good ole days in college reminded me that was the first time I was introduced to easy Asian Style Noodles.

Fast forward many years later this dish still reminds me of the great fraternity parties, football games, and other shenanigans but we will not disclose that here. So, if you are in search of a good Asian Style noodle recipe to bring back some good memories check out the video below from Chef Eric Sze by Tasty. If you prefer to step your cooking skills up a notch, we recommend taking our sponsored cooking master class found on our home page under cooking classes. Enjoy!

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