How To Build Body Muscle Fast And Effectively

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Need to Build Muscle ?

Muscle building requires time, effort, and consistency but the results are all worth it as it can bring out a more toned and fitter physique that can boost your confidence. Of course, the primary secret to building your muscles is to stick to a healthy diet and combine it with regular exercises. You also have a higher chance of reaching your goal of building muscles through Below tips to Build Body Muscle Fast And Effectively.

  1. Increase your protein intake – You have to increase your consumption of protein-rich foods to achieve muscle growth. Take note that your exercise training might cause the breakdown of your muscles. With sufficient amounts of protein in your body, your muscles will be able to have a backup.

Also, increased intake of protein is crucial for your recovery, especially if your lifting workouts are harder. Your goal should be to consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight. This is the specific amount that your body can utilize within the day. Among the best sources of protein are lean meat, eggs, Greek yogurt, and protein powder.

  1. Eat more calories – To build muscle, you also need to eat more aside from allowing your body to receive a higher amount of protein. Make sure that you also get more than enough calories. Focus on calorie surpluses instead of calorie deficits. This means that to build muscles more effectively, it would be best to eat more calories than what you burn every day.

Note that if your body detects that you are in a calorie deficit, which means you are consuming fewer amounts of calories than what you burn daily, then it downshifts its ability to build and grow new muscles. To prevent that from happening, increase your calorie intake.

Your target should be around 350 to 500 additional calories daily. The bulk of such calories should also be based on protein to ensure that the weight you will gain is from muscle growth.

  1. Add weights – To build muscle, you should focus on adding weights to your workout. Increase the weight of your bar and focus on lifting more than what you did before. Doing this will increase your strength, which will also subsequently enhance your muscle mass overall. Not increasing the weights you lift will just prevent you from building muscles, which is supposed to be your goal.
  2. Perform compound exercises – This means doing exercises that target a few muscles simultaneously. You should include heavy weight lifting in these exercises to stimulate the growth of your muscles. Make sure that your workout routine focuses on heavy squats, barbell rows, deadlifts, and overhead presses, too, as these are the ones that can help build your muscles.
  3. Increase workout frequency – Keep in mind that the more frequent you train your muscles, the higher their chances of growing. Also, doing more of a particular exercise will improve your technique fast. This will allow you to lift heavier each time. Begin pressing, pulling, and squatting at least thrice every week rather than just once.
  4. Consume carbs after a tiring workout – There is also a higher chance for you to rebuild your muscles quickly during your rest days if you consume carbs. Feed your body with carb-rich foods during that period. Keep in mind that post-workout meals composed of carbs can increase the level of insulin in your body. This will lead to slowing the rate through which your body breaks down protein.
  5. Target your biggest muscles when working out – As a beginner, all forms of workout can be intense enough that they can raise your body’s ability to synthesize protein. However, if you are already lifting weights for a while then you can improve your muscle-building capability and achieve faster results by focusing on huge muscle groups, such as your legs, back, and chest.

In this case, it helps to incorporate deadlifts, squats, bench presses, military presses, dips, pull-ups, and bent-over rows into your workout routines. Perform 2-3 sets composed of 8-12 reps. Do not forget to spend around a minute of rest in between each set. This range of repetitions can help fast track your muscle cells to hypertrophy, which refers to the process used by such cells to grow.

Aside from improving your workout routines and eating patterns, it also helps to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Note that building muscles requires more than performing the right workouts at the right duration and eating the right foods. You also need to sleep roughly eight hours every night. Aside from helping you recover from a tiring workout, sufficient sleep stimulates the release of human growth hormone. This contributes to muscle growth and prevents your stress hormones from getting out of control.

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