Is Vanilla Almond Milk Good or Bad for You

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Almond milk is popular for being a nutritious and low-calorie drink. A replacement for cow milk, it is a delicious plant-based beverage and a rich source of vitamins B2, B12, and E. Also, vanilla almond milk is a dairy-free product with fewer calories than fat-flavored dairy milk. So is vanilla almond milk good or bad for you? 

Is Vanilla Almond Milk Good for You

With the rise in the popularity of plant-based diets and increased awareness about dairy sensitivities, more people are replacing cow’s milk in their diet with almond milk. Made of ground almonds and blended in water, the beverage is a nutritious drink for vegans and individuals having lactose intolerance.

To improve the flavor and texture of the almond milk, flavorings and thickeners are added to it. Today, vanilla almond milk is a popular beverage among the admirers of the plant-based milk. 


Why Should You Consume Vanilla Almond Milk

It is a processed beverage that comes with lots of health benefits. 

  • It is High in Vitamin E

Almonds are known as a rich source of vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that keeps the cells safe against free radical damage. Also, Vitamin E improves skin and eye health. As per studies, it is one of the vitamins that protect against cardiovascular disease.

  • It is Low in Sugar

The plant-based milk, with vanilla used for flavoring, is tasty yet low in sugar. Unlike other flavored drinks, it does not add too much sugar to your body. Instead, it offers various kinds of essential nutrients and helps manage risks of sugar-related chronic diseases. 

  • It Adds Nutrition to One’s Diet

If your daily diet lacks vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients, then add vanilla almond milk to your menu. The plant-based beverage is an excellent source of carbs, calcium, vitamins, and protein. 

Just 240-ml almond  milk can offer you 24% calcium, 18% vitamin D, and 110% of vitamin E of the Daily Value. Also, the serving contains 3.5 grams of carbs and just 39 calories. 

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone health, and vitamin E protects the body against free radical damage. 

Downside of Vanilla Almond Milk

While almond milk is a delicious beverage with lots of health benefits, it also has its share of cons. A serving of 240-ml gives just 1 gram of protein, while cow’s or soy milk can have at least 7-8 grams of protein. 

Apart from that, it is not beneficial for children younger than one year. Similarly, these kids should not drink cow’s milk.

Should You Drink Vanilla Almond Milk

Considering the health benefits and downside vanilla almond milk, it can be noticed that the plant-based beverage is safe to use. In addition, it is packed with lots of nutrients that help promote health. If your health goals include shedding some extra pounds, then the beverage can help you achieve your objectives while taking care of nutrition intake. 

Some flavored and sweetened almond milks are high in sugar. Choose a good almond milk product to improve your well-being! 

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