Quarantine Weight Gain! Here’s How to Stay Within Your Target Weight

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Quarantine Weight Gain! Here’s How to Stay Within Your Target Weight

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended routines and brought some new challenges to deal with. One of them is quarantine weight gain. It is easy to gain some extra pounds when you are spending most of your time at home. Also, closed gyms are making it tougher to stay in shape. Although weight gain during the pandemic is a problem for millions worldwide, you need to address it and keep your weight within your target.


Several factors contribute to quarantine weight gain. They include stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, inactivity, and others. As per research, stress increases food cravings that further result in weight gain.  


Also, many people switch to comfort foods when they are bored or freaked out. Unhealthy foods get ballooned and put you in an undesired shape. Additionally, gyms and sports facilities are closed, making it harder to eliminate the effects of junk food. 


However, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about weight gain during the quarantine period. Below are some tips that can help you lose some extra pounds or stay within your target range:

  • Eat Healthy Foods


Your eating habits have a huge role to play in maintaining a healthy weight. Keeping junk foods on hand may lead to overeating. On the other hand, filling your fridge with nutritious products like green vegetables and fresh fruits can help you eat healthy. 


When you are at a grocery store, make sure you add more nutritious foods to your cart than chips or cookies. 


  • Stay Hydrated 


When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, what you drink is as important as what you eat. Although soda and other sugary drinks may help you stay hydrated, they increase your calorie intake and lead to weight gain. Also, they lack essential minerals and vitamins.   


Instead of sugary beverages, drink lots of water. It will keep you hydrated without adding extra calories to your daily diet. As per a study, drinking at least 500ml of water before breakfast can help eat 13% fewer calories during the meal. 


  • Prepare Your Own Foods


During the quarantine period, you have plenty of time to cook some delicious meals at home. Take advantage of the situation and learn to prepare some healthy dishes that may help you have more nutrients while keeping your weight in check.  


According to experts, foods cooked at home are better for health than packed meals. A study on home-cooked meals discovered that people who ate these foods had a better overall diet quality than those who chose packaged foods. 

Food Prep


  • Take Part in Physical Activities


Gyms and fitness centers are closed due to COVID-19, but there are many physical activities that you can perform at home to stay fit. For example, a combination of a walk, pushups, yoga, and other easy exercises may help you follow a fitness routine at home. 


Physical activities help you burn extra calories and maintain a healthy weight. 


In the End – Make Gradual Changes


Go easy on yourself and take time to make healthy changes to your routine. Instead of jumping into a strict plan, make changes gradually for long-term health benefits. All the best! Stay safe! 


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