Coronasomnia! 5 Expert Sleeping Tips On Coronavirus

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Sleeping Tips On Coronavirus

So many people, including the healthy ones, are complaining about having trouble sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantines, lockdown, social distancing, and work from home, all bring profound changes to normal routine and result in stress and anxiety. Sleep deprivation further affects the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to illnesses. However, you can cope with stress related to coronasomnia and get a healthy amount of rest.

Keeping up with world affairs is anxiety-inducing these days. From rising numbers of patients every  day to the economic crash, the novel coronavirus is dominating the headlines. It is understandable that thoughts about pandemic life keep your mind wired at night or lead to having bizarre dreams. But, you also need to understand that a good night’s sleep is paramount for a healthy mind and body. 

Coronasomnia is real; and so are the ways to get better sleep. It is essential to ensure good sleep as it plays a notable role in enhancing your immunity and keeping you safe from the novel coronavirus. 

So, in addition to the recommended hygiene behaviors, improve your sleep health to ward off the disease. Below are some helpful tips by experts to wind down and have a good night’s sleep during these anxious times. 


  • Avoid Excessive Napping 

When your country has enforced mass closure, you may see it as an opportunity to stay on your bed for a few more hours. However, this may make you end up disrupting your regular sleep routine. 

Follow a normal bed routine and avoid daytime napping. Instead of entering your bedroom a little too frequently, get up early, and begin getting things done. 

  • Follow a Bedtime Routine

As per the NHS, a regular bedtime routine can help people who have difficulty falling asleep.   

Some people are working from home, while others are juggling work and family as their children are not going to school. No matter how the pandemic has affected your life, it is necessary to stick to a sleep routine. 

“People need to keep their lives as close to their routine as possible”, says psychologist Navya Singh from Columbia University.

  • Schedule Your Time for News Updates

News channels are flooded with disturbing headlines related to COVID-19. Whenever you go to the news, you notice that it is always about novel coronavirus. A constant pandemic news cycle can lead to anxiety which, in turn, results in affected sleep.

Instead of checking your phone frequently for news, structure your news intake. Also, ensure that you are not reading pandemic-related news just before bedtime. 

  • Exercise 

The pandemic may have closed your gym, but some exercises can still be a part of the daily routine. Getting some exercise can keep you healthy and improve your sleep. Indulging in physical activities – without leaving your home – will make you feel accomplished and tired, which is good for a good nights rest.

  • Avoid Alcohol

People have a hunch that alcohol helps in improving sleep because the beverage makes like we are passing out. However, alcohol does not help in getting good, restful sleep. Also, alcohol is not healthy for your immune system. If possible, avoid taking alcohol.

In the End

If you are interested in optimal health and well-being, it is necessary to make sleep your top priority. The more of these habits you adopt, the more likely you are to get a good night’s sleep. Consider all these Sleeping Tips On Coronavirus and Keep a good sleep schedule during these tough times, and stay safe!

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