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Top 5 Back Workouts

Top 5 Back Workouts for women


Top 5 Back Workouts

Do These Workouts For A Strong Back

As the home to one of the biggest groups of muscle within your body, your back performs a lot of vital functions – one of which is stabilizing your shoulders and core. It also serves as the bridge between your lower and upper body. It is your body’s powerhouse, keeping it as erect as possible, aligning your spine, and maintaining your posture.

With the many things that your back does for you, it is vital to do something to strengthen it. It is possible by doing the following top 5 back workouts regularly:

  1. Swimmers – While this back workout deceptively looks easy, you will still feel a burn if you intend to use it to tighten your core and get your deltoids, lats, and traps engaged. The ultimate secret to making this work is to ensure that your thighs and chest remain lifted all throughout the movement.

To do this, lie face down first then extend your legs behind and arms in front of you. Raise your left leg and right hand while exerting an effort to tighten your back and core. Do the same but on the alternate sides (right leg and left hand). Consider doing this at a quick pace as this can increase your heart rate.

  1. Kettlebell Swings – This exercise is not only designed for CrossFit fans. It is also ideal for those who want to work out their back. It intends to target the posterior chain of your back while also strengthening your core. Once strengthened, your core can remove the weight from the lower part of your back. When doing this workout, begin with a lightweight kettlebell. Once you get used to it, you can progress slowly by increasing the weight of the kettlebell you use.
  2. Pull-up – This back workout can help you obtain a V-shape physique. It directly targets your lats. To do this exercise, just hold the pull-up station’s handles in such a way that your palms are facing away from you while your arms are fully extended.

Make sure to position your hands shoulder-width apart. You should then squeeze all your shoulder blades then exhale. Move your elbows to your hips. This should be able to bring your chin over the pull-up bar. Go back down with full control to your starting position.

  1. Deadlift – This is a compound exercise, which can strengthen your back and add muscle mass to it as well as your hamstrings and hips. With the deadlift, you can use moderate to heavy loads as a means of working out your back. It is also possible to train with deadlifts in higher loads and volumes, which is the key to providing a unique training stimulus.
  2. Resistance Row – This workout targets your whole upper back and deltoid muscles. Start by being in a standing position at the center of your resistance band. Make sure that your feet are hip-width apart. The next step is to wrap each foot using one end of the band. Cross the handles then let your knees bend slightly.

You also need to lean your chest a bit forward but make sure that your back remains straight. Engage your core and keep doing so while raising your hands to your ribcage. Do so in such a way that you also squeeze your shoulder blades. Once done, you can release your arms then do the steps all over again.

With the five workouts mentioned in this article, strengthening your back will no longer be a problem. Aside from helping you develop a broad and strong back that helps you look more dominant and powerful, these workouts can also lower your risk of suffering from back pains.

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