Top Foods To Eat While Dieting And Exercising

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Best Foods to Eat When Dieting

Do you want to know the Top foods to eat when dieting? Do you want to lose weight and stay fit for life by sticking to a good diet plan? Then take note that the result of your dieting efforts will always be dependent on the specific foods you include in your meal plans. Your goal should be to stick to healthy and nutritious foods that can fill you up for longer.

The foods you eat should also be fat-burning to encourage healthy weight loss within your preferred time-frame. If you are on a diet, therefore, then here is a collection of foods that you should consider making a part of your daily meal plans:

  • Whole Eggs

    One great thing about whole eggs is that they are nutrient-dense, allowing your body to receive essential nutrients even if you are trying to stick on a calorie-restricted diet. This food is also very filling.

In comparison to foods rich in refined carbs, such as bagels, you can expect eggs to be more effective in suppressing your appetite. It can, therefore, aid in weight loss. Whole eggs are also rich in healthy fat and protein while being very filling or satiating.

Leafy Greens

Make sure that your daily diet consists of leafy greens, such as Swiss chard, collards, spinach, and kale. Leafy greens are great for those on a weight loss diet because they are rich in fiber while having low carb and calorie content.

These foods can increase the volume of each meal without having to increase their calorie content. Leafy greens are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, like calcium, that all contribute to the healthy fat burning process.


Rich in plant-based protein and fiber, chickpeas also make great additions to your healthy meal plans. You can use chickpeas in your side dishes, as well as in salad, stew, and soup.

Chickpeas are also among the best food to eat at night when dieting because of their antioxidant content that can boost your immunity. They are filling, nutrient-dense, and contain minerals that can fight bloating, too.


You can make a pumpkin puree and make it a part of your healthy snack. The good thing about pumpkin is that it is rich in both fiber and potassium. It is also a healthy alternative to sweets.

You may want to add your pureed pumpkin to Greek yogurt together with chopped pears and cinnamon. Just make sure that the yogurt is unsweetened to make a truly delicious yet healthy dessert from the mentioned ingredients. More Foods to Eat When Dieting:

  • Fish – It would also be good to include fish in your regular diet. Some fish species, like tuna, sardines, and salmon can supply your body with the amount of healthy protein it needs. Aside from that, fish also has high levels of lean protein and Omega-3 – both of which are very filling and are effective in curbing your cravings.
  • Nuts – If you are looking for healthy snacks that are diet-friendly, then go for nuts. Your choices include pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts. The good thing about snacking on nuts is that it tends to cause lower abdominal fat than carb-based treats. Nuts also have high monounsaturated fat content. This type of fat is healthy for your heart and more filling compared to the grain-based counterpart of nuts.
  • Berries – Rich in fiber, berries are also among those that can help you lose weight. These fruits also contain a lot of antioxidants. The good news is that they have lower sugar content compared to many fruits. With that in mind, berries are indeed among the healthiest and most satisfying choices for those on a diet.

Other healthy and filling foods that are friendly for those who are on a diet or aiming to lose weight are whole grains, beans and legumes, oatmeal, boiled or baked potatoes, avocado, and citrus fruits. One more tip when you are dieting is to choose those foods that were broiled, grilled, or baked, instead of fried.

You may also want to choose lean proteins, like chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, and beans as substitutes to any meat rich in fat. Be mindful of your portions, too, and you will surely be able to reach your target weight in no time. If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to learn more about cooking healthy meals we recommend taking a cooking master class. Just click here !

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