What Are Good Exercises for Lower Abs

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Do these Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Abs

Almost everyone wants to strengthen and work out their abs. The problem is that having lower belly fat can make achieving that goal a bit challenging. This is especially true for those who want to get a six-pack as the whole process is not as easy as doing tons of crunches regularly.

If you have such a goal then you need to avoid carrying excess weight. You also need to be serious about training and sculpting your lower abdominal muscles through regular workouts that target your lower abdomen, hip flexors, and legs. To start with, here are some of the best exercises for lower abs that will surely fire up and strengthen your core:

Below Are Good Exercises for Lower Abs :

Dead Bug – This lower abs exercise is effective as it targets your abs while keeping your spine stabilized. It promotes proper form by lowering your risk of flexing your lower back. To begin this exercise, lie on your back then put both your arms at the sides. Raise your legs then bend your knees. This should form a 90-degree angle.

Extending your right leg forward should come next. It should be several inches away from the floor. Extend your left arm behind you, too. Once done, go back to the original position than do the same steps again but on the opposite leg and arm.

Mountain Climber – Start this exercise by assuming a plank pose. Your palms should be on the ground while your arms should be extended straight in front of you directly below your shoulders. Extend your legs in such a way that they form a straight line. Make sure that your back remains flat while your arms stay in a similar position throughout this step.

You should then let your right knee be quickly tucked towards your chest. Move it back down to the ground while pulling your left leg to your chest at the same time. Do this quickly and for as frequently as possible to get the results you want.

Lying Leg Raise – Lie down with your back flat on the ground and your hands below your glutes. Your palms should also be facing down while you extend your legs directly in front of you. Slowly raise your legs away from the floor.

Do this until they are positioned perpendicularly to the ground. Remain in that pose for a while then lower your legs back to the floor. If you want to make this exercise more challenging then ensure that both your feet do not touch the ground when doing each rep.

Scissor – For this exercise, you need to lie down with your face up and both your hands positioned behind your head. Lift your shoulders and head away from the floor. Use your abs when you lift both your legs a bit from the ground then do a scissor kick. Alternate with one leg up and the other one down. Make sure that you do not strain your neck when you are doing this exercise.

Half Burpee – Begin by getting into a deep squat position. Make sure that your legs are around shoulder-width apart. Your toes should also be turned out a bit while your hands should be placed in front of the chest while you are also lifting your chest. Your hands should then be placed on the floor beneath your shoulders by reaching forward. The next step is kicking your legs directly behind you, intending to get into a high plank pose. Jump your legs in again quickly and raise your chest so you can go back to your original pose.

The exercises mentioned here can help build solid and strong core and abdominal muscles that improve pain prevention and sports performance. They can stabilize the center of your body. By doing them regularly, your dream of having fitter lower abs will turn into reality.

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