What Exercises Burn The Most Belly Fat?

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What Exercises Burn The Most Belly Fat

Are you serious about losing weight and want to know what exercises burn the most belly fat? Then targeting your belly fat might be one of your priorities. If that’s the case then it might be necessary to dedicate around thirty to sixty minutes of exercise every day. What is great about most exercises targeting your belly is that they shed excess fats not just from that area but also in other parts of your body. Among the belly fat burning exercises that you can do are:


Below are Exercises that burn the most Belly Fat


Crunches are always the most recommended fat-burning exercises by fitness experts. It is easy to do and produces quick results provided you do it every day. To do it, lie down while bending your knees and keeping your feet planted on the ground. Raise your hands then put them behind your head.

Inhale deeply. Exhale while lifting your upper torso from the floor. The whole routine involves a few reps of inhaling when getting back down then exhaling when lifting yourself up. For beginners, do crunches ten times per set. You can achieve better results if you try to do 2-3 sets of this exercise every day.

Forearm plank

As one of the most common variations of the plank, the forearm plank can target your belly fat and lose it provided you do it regularly. The forearm plank can also strengthen your core and shoulders. To do this, you just have to get yourself into a pose wherein you are like doing a push-up.

Make sure that your forearms and toes bear the weight of your body. Aside from the forearm plank, you may also try other variations, like the side plank, medicine plank ball, and the plank walk that are all effective for weight loss.

Sprinter sit-ups

This exercise is effective for losing belly fat as it can mimic the positive effects of running while leaving your home. It utilizes your body weight as a means of strengthening and sculpting your belly. To do this, lie down with your back flat on the floor. Put your arms on both sides of your body.

Sit up as far as possible in a quick or rapid motion while moving your left arm forward and raising your right knee to the chest. Do the same steps using the other side of your body.


If you want a more enjoyable and fun activity that can get rid of your excess belly fats then you may want to try swimming. Aside from helping you lose the unwanted fats in your belly, this also serves as a great exercise in maintaining physical fitness. Just make sure that you do strenuous strokes so they can help in burning more calories.

Reverse crunch

This exercise targets the transverse abdominal, the deepest muscle found in your stomach. It works in losing lower belly fat. Do this exercise once you get more comfortable with the other crunch variations. To do this, lie down and do a crunch pose. However, before you do the crunch, raise your legs.

Your heels should be at your buttocks or up in the air. Exhale while lifting your torso then raise your thighs and bring them close to the chest. Make sure that your chin is away from your chest.

Bicycling, walking, running, and jogging regularly are also among the exercises that can help you say goodbye to your belly fat. By making these exercises part of your routines, you will be on your way towards developing a flatter belly, which many consider as a badge of honor. It is mainly because it shows how you take good care of yourself and your overall fitness. A flatter belly brought on by regular exercises can also improve your strength and make you less vulnerable to injuries.

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