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Cutting Out Carbohydrates From Meals What happens ?

cutting out carbohydrates from meals


Cutting Out Carbohydrates From Meals What happens ?

So You Want to Cut Carbohydrates from meals

Cutting out carbohydrates from our meals and diet have been viewed by many as an effective way to lighten up and lose some weight. While we are not here to disprove this fact, what we know for sure is that the effect of cutting carbohydrates from your meals is very costly. Not just costly, it is deadly.

For a long time now, the effect of taking diets low in carbohydrates or having no carbohydrates at all was not known. It was in 2018, during a heart health conference in Munich that Professor Maciej Banach, from the Medical University Of Lodz, Poland, the author of the study revealed the dangers and the risks involved in taking a diet that is low in carbohydrate.

According to the study, diets that are low in carbohydrate should be totally avoided. The study revealed that there is a higher risk of premature death among people that regularly feed on low carbohydrate diets. This premature death can be caused by a lot of factors such as stroke, cancer and coronary heart disease because of a low carbohydrate diet.

Research Study

A different independent research had earlier published in a journal called The Lancet, that there is a greater rate of mortality among people that have chosen to feed on diets that are either low in carbohydrate or diets that are high in carbohydrate.

These researches were independent of each other and the results of both were published and presented with a short interval between them. These researches confirm the effects of feeding on a low carb diet, which is something that has been previously unknown to scientists.

The nature of nutrition science makes this study quite controversial. Unlike other research sciences that use human subjects, this is an observation science and it is quite difficult to analyze the data because the experiment are not controlled. They have to depend on self-reported surveys. This can make the results inaccurate and the conclusions can therefore be controversial.

This is definitely the case with this research as well. But the result has been largely accepted because of the nationally representative sample that this research uses. This research uses sample from almost 25,000 people. These people all took part in the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) from 1999 – 2010. From the comparison of those people with a high rate of carbohydrate consumption to those with a low carbohydrate consumption, it was discovered that the risk of premature death among those with a low carbohydrate intake is as high as 32%.

This results correlate with other nutrition studies that included a combined 447,000 participants. These studies have results for premature death of people with low carbohydrate intake at 8%, 15% and 13%. These deaths are known to be caused by cancer, cerebrovascular diseases and heart disease.

Diseases Caused By Low Carbohydrate Intake

From these studies, it is obvious that there is a risk of premature death caused by different sicknesses and diseases related to low carbohydrate intake. As much as you want to lose weight, you should look at other healthier methods with no risk of deaths.

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