4 Killer Workouts For Burning Away Your Love Handles

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4 Killer Workouts For Burning Away Your Love Handles


Winter has been a joy ride, but summer has arrived. Time to break into your summer-wear. Those love-handles keeping you wondering how to fit into your favorite shirt? Let’s understand how love handles work before diving into hardcore exercises that will supplement your lifestyle to keep them away. We hope that you enjoy this article on 4 Killer Workouts For Burning Away Your Love Handles.



Create a caloric deficit

It can’t be stressed enough how important your diet is when it comes to weight loss. No matter how hard you work out, you have to remember, a good rule of thumb while planning your weight loss is: 75% of your weight loss plan should focus on your diet. It takes a 20-minute brisk walk to burn off an apple (90 cal). 

Check your hormones

Sometimes, you might be putting in all the hard work, but maybe you need to get a hormone profiling done. In men, with lower testosterone levels and higher cortisol levels, you will see an increase in the stubborn love handles, whereas, in women, an increase in estrogen levels contributes to the stubbornness of the fat. 

 Bust myths about fat 

  • “Cut carb intake to increase fat loss.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Unless you have a health issue that requires you restricting certain food groups, avoid the negative association with food. 
  • “Burn fat in the belly area.” Fat doesn’t shed in spots. You can’t spot train. Fat burn happens overall. Certain areas in your body would show results sooner, is all.

Here are the promised four exercises that will help you lose your love-handles.


Leg Raises

Start by laying down on the floor with your palms facing straight and down. Join both your legs together and raise them 90 degrees straight up. Then lay them down and repeat this exercise until you can perform the exercise with the correct technique.

Side Planks

Lay on your side and ensure your body is in a straight line. Now place your right elbow perpendicular to your right shoulder. Now breathe in, tighten your core and lift your body up and hold the position for 30 seconds. Do this on your left side. Repeat five times.

Twisting Crunches

Lay on your back. Elbows go wide while hands touch ears. Raise your legs off the ground and have your shin parallel to the ground while your thighs are perpendicular to it. Now tighten your core and twist your body to the right such that your right elbow rotates to the left knee and then the opposite. Continue as long as you can perform the exercise with the right technique.


Consider this as a reverse crunch. On your hyperextension bench, place your thighs on the cushioned side. Bend your knees slightly. Feet directly below knees. Arms to the floor. Exhale and raise arms such that spine, hips, and shoulders are in line. Inhale and bend arms to the floor. Perform reps with the correct technique.


Follow these best workout for love handles, and you will be sure to fit your summer clothes and rock your summer-bod in no time!

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